Sleeping Tips

EC&CO Sleeping Guide

1. The mattress should conform to our need and not the other way around: Don't you get fed-up every night from trying to find the right and most suitable sleeping position? This is because your mattress is not conforming to your body shape and weight. People tends to have different body shapes (broad shoulders and narrow hip, wide hip and narrow shoulders, big belly, ....), this is why people tends to have back or spine problems in different locations if the mattress that they sleep on doesn't perfectly conform to any body shape. For example, when a person has broad shoulders and a narrow hip, he or she tends to wrongly position their shoulders either by opening it out-wards, or leaning it towards the mattress, and even end up resorting to a sort of an unhealthy acrobatic position. Consequently, the spine will either be twisted or rested in an "S" shape, causing in the long run spinal problems. In a respective manner, the same thing goes if the hip is wider than the shoulders. In this respect, the mattress has to be supportive, and the only material that insures that is the "visco-elastic open cells" one.

2. What do we mean by supportive: The mattress should neither be too hard nor too soft. If the mattress is firm or too hard and the person laying on it has wider shoulders compared to his or her hip, they have the sensation that their shoulders should sink-in more into the mattress to be properly aligned with the hip to have a straight spine. If they decide to switch to a much softer one, then he or she will end up facing another problem of having both shoulders and hip sinking-in into the mattress, causing the spine to cave downwards. This is called the "Hammock effect". So, what to do? How our mattress should be? Well, it should be SOFT when you need it and SUPPORTIVE when you want it. Those are some of the main characteristics of the visco-elastic material that are unrivalled for. This material, not only conforms to the body's weight and shape, but to its temperature as well; allowing every part of the body to rest in its NATURAL position.

3. So why we keep on Tossing and Turning: Well, in addition to not finding the right and perfect sleeping position, we toss and tern between 80 to 120 times a night due to the exerted counter pressure on our bodies. When we lay down on a spring mattress (what ever its quality and high specification it has), our body weight compresses the spring of that mattress; but those springs eventually have to go back to its original position. Therefore, it ends up inflicting counter pressure on our body. Such pressure presses on the veins causing the improper flow of blood that contains both Oxygen and Protein of which the muscles feed on. Not enough of those forces the muscles to send a signal to the brain requesting the body to toss and tern to insure the proper flow of blood, consequently the Oxygen and Protein. The visco-elastic material ELIMINATES any counter pressure on the body, thus REDUCING the tossing and turning to the TENTH.

4. How to choose the best visco-elastic material?: By the product's level of rebound. If the product PROMPTLY returns to its original form (like foam) after being compressed, this means that the product has very low density (like foam which doesn't exceed 55kg/m3). Thus, not enough support, nor effective counter pressure properties.

5. What other than the visco-elastic material that insures a more Sound Sleep?: In addition to the tossing and turning caused by not acquiring the right mattress and pillow, the frequent interruption of the REM sleep cycle (Rapid Eye Movement) is an other major factor. This is mainly due to the "Sensation of Temperature Variation". When we go to sleep, we have to go through 4 cycles of REM sleep, and all of our body senses have to go to sleep as well. Unfortunately, the only one that gets awakened is the temperature sensation. God gave us the ideal body temperature of 37c that unfortunately we do not take advantage of. During winter time, we tend to bring out our heavy or thick quilt or wool blanket, put the heater on while sleeping, or put on a thick PJ. Just the opposite in the summer. At the beginning we feel warm, but then we get hot and uncover ourselves. Later on we feel cold and cover ourselves, and so on. Any time we feel hot or gold, our system tends to wake up thus interrupting the REM sleep cycle. No matter in what REM sleep cycle we were, we don't go back to the beginning of that cycle but to the very beginning, as if we just went to bed. Such a thing causes us to spend our night in the shallow sleep and not in the deep one, making us wake up restless the next day despite the long hours of sleep. Not knowing those facts, make us think that we are too tired and we need more days of long sleeping hours to recuperate. This is totally wrong and nothing will change as long as our "Temperature Sensation" keeps getting awakened. The best solution is to use quilts with TEMPERATURE REGULATING features. This can be seen in our "TEMPUR" quilts also using NASA's technology. This technology absorbs our excess body heat and releases it back to us when needed. In other words, we warm ourselves in winter or cool ourselves in summer with our own body temperature. Such technology, not only insured the best sound sleep, but also solved a major problem of couples sleeping in the same bed but with different heat tolerance. No more tailoring the sleeping conditions to every person's need in a couple's life, or even undergoing certain sacrifices for the comfort of the other partner. Using the same "TEMPUR" quilts had solved all those problems.
SLEEP. Is a basic necessity of life, as important to our health, and well-being. It's like air, food, and water. When we sleep well, we wake up refreshed, alert, and ready to face daily challenges. When we don't, every part of our lives can suffer.

10 Tips for a good healthy sleep:

1- Keep regular hours: Always go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. It is also better to go to bed as early as possible.

2- Develop a sleep ritual: Doing the same things each night just before bed cues your body to settle down for the night; Like, relaxing before you sleep by listening to gentle music or reading a good book.

3- Sleep on a Comfortable supportive mattress and bed: It’s difficult to get a restful sleep on a set that’s too small, too hard, too soft or too old. A person’s body weight and motion should perfectly be absorbed and evenly distributed. Also, eliminating “peaks” on pressure points that may cause pain and tossing and turning should be present to insure a natural position of the spine. The TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows does all that.

4- Keep the temperature of your room moderated: Having a good sleep is not to have your room too hot or too cold and your covers too heavy or too warming. Our REM sleep cycles are disturbed by variation in our body temperature during our sleep. It's 4 phases that shouldn't be interrupted to spend the night in the deep sleep. TempraKON® bedding helps your body reach and comfortably maintain its optimum individual temperature for REM sleep.

5- Exercise regularly: Regular exercises can help to relieve the day’s tension. But not too close to bedtime because this can push your blood pressure up.

6- Don’t smoke and drink only in moderation: Smokers take longer to get asleep and awaken more often. The same happened when drinking alcohol shortly before bedtime.

7- Cut down on stimulants: consuming stimulants such as caffeine or some kinds of drugs in the evening prevent deep sleep.

8- Unwind early in the evening: Try to deal with worries and distractions several hours before going to bed.

9- Create a restful sleep environment: Sleep in a cool, dark and quiet room on a comfortable supportive pillow, mattress and bed.

10- Make sleep a priority: Say “yes” to sleep even when you are tempted to stay up late. You will thank yourself in the morning.

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