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For the past century, lots of researches have been devoted to develop products that ensure a sound sleep, healthy spine and a best blood flow while sleeping or throughout day-to-day activities. Such developments came forth as:

a) Pressure relieving material known as "Viscoelastic / Memory Foam".
b) Temperature regulating material known as "OUTLAST".

Both technologies were developed by NASA, the American Space Institute, in the early 1970s, and were made known to the public in the early 1990s.

These great inventions are the core materials that stand out from other products in the market. It doesn’t sink on the long term usage, whilst it maintains a cooling, a supple and a soft feeling on the skin due to MLILY Infused Gel and Bamboo Charcoal technology. Consequently, the humidity & moisture gets absorbed to prevent overheating and to elongate the product’s life span.

Mlily Memory Foam Pillows

Discover the perfect compliment to your mattress, and a coveted partner in the best sleep of your life.
Each model boasts a unique look and feel to satisfy even the most discriminating sleeper.

Its larger depth (40cm) compared to other pillows in the market, allows you to choose the most comforting curved side that best suits your sleeping habit, based on the upper natural spinal curve.
Thus, optimum relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles.

Forget about pillow reshaping.
The more traditional pillow look and softer supportive touch will make back sleeping more enjoyable.

Forget about pillow shifting. This pillow hugs your neck and shoulder curve to insure constant neck support even if you bend your head downwards when sleeping sideways or shifting right and left.
Thus constant support all night for all sleeping habits.

whether seated behind your desk or in the car, a proper lumbar support is a must. This cushion even hugs your back to keep it more still.

A more comfortable life style can be enjoyed at home or whilst traveling. Its CleanCOOL inner cover along with the outer Spandex one eliminates the neck's overheating.
The degree of support is insured by the adjustable tightening lace around the neck whether in reading or sle ...