March 21, 2018

Mother's Day

WE ALWAYS THROW IT HER WAY ! Bored? Desperate? Angry? We always throw our problems at our mamas.. And like a goalkeeper, she defends us and tries to prevent harm from reaching us and from destroying our goals and dreams. On her day, treat her to a well-deserved comfortable lifestyle.. treat her to a lasting gift, treat her to an MLILY! For this special occasion, get 25% discount on your MLILY purchase for all the lovely mothers out there! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

August 8, 2018

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October 29, 2018

15% Discount to MU Supporters' Club Members

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October 1, 2018

Arrival of the Theatre of Dreams

The ECCO team proudly announces the arrival of MLILY's Hybrid Supreme mattress. The Manchester United Signature mattress provides unmatched comfort and a good reason to go early to bed. Its Memory Foam technology provides all the required support for your body yet the absolute luxurious comfort that you need for a good night's sleep.

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January 10, 2019

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February 1, 2019

Guan Xuan | Mlily Dream Lily congratulates Lu Han as the Manchester United Red Devil MLILY Dream Lily 2Month1Day

Today, Manchester United Football Club announced that Manchester United’s loyal fans and positive energy idols, Mr. Lu Yi, have officially served as “Manchester United Red Devils”. As the official partner of Manchester United, Mlily Dream Lily is also proud of this.

Luhan has a large number of clusters in China and around the world, and is also one of the most appealing stars on Chinese social media. On September 25th, 2015, the Weibo "Decade of Dependence, Lifetime Red Devil" closely related to Manchester United once again refreshed the Guinness World Record for the first Chinese social media created by him - the most comment on Weibo The blog post, the number of comments on the Weibo has risen by more than 100 million.

Manchester United Media Department CEO Phil Lynch and Manchester United coach Solskjaer attended the ceremony of the "Manchester United Red Devils", PhilLynch said in a live speech: "We are very cooperative with Manchester United Football Club and Luhan in many aspects. Have confidence.” Luhan gave back a signed jersey from Manchester United Football Club and signed a Beijing primary school student who was assisted by Lu Han’s charity event “Football First Lesson”.

Lu Han also said in his speech: "Getting the 'Red Devil Messenger' status is an honor, but also a responsibility, the future will promote the spirit of the Red Devil to more people. At the same time, although with the 'Red Devil Messenger' status, but The future is still an ordinary Manchester United fan, and every game will cheer for Manchester United with the fans watching the game."

Manchester United has a larger fan base in China than in other countries around the world, and is the most watched football club on social media such as Weibo. As the only mattress brand designated by Manchester United, since the partnership in 2016, Mlily Dream Lily has focused on using its industry-leading innovation capabilities to bring benefits to Manchester United fans, employees and first team players.

Thanks to its professionalism, Mlily Dream Lily has cooperated with Manchester United elite coach members and sports science team to develop Mlily Dream Lily "0 PRESSURE" mattresses and has been stationed in the Yi'an Training Base Lounge to make sleep for each player more sound. At the same time, the two sides also jointly launched the "Manchester United Legend 7" series, which is widely benefited by everyday consumers.

In the future in China, Mlily Dream Lily and Luhan will promote the spirit of the Red Devils to more people!
You can go to the ECCO store at Sodeco Square Block E, to experience the Premier League Manchester United with the "0 PRESSURE" products to help improve sleep and restore physical fitness.

March 7, 2019

Spinneys 2019 Reward Catalogue

Rush and smartly spend your Spinneys accumulated points in acquiring some of MLILY & TEMPUR products (2019 Reward Catalogue)

December 28, 2018

Mlily Dream Lily & Manchester United 2019 brand film debut MLILY dream lily

As a global partner of Manchester United, Mlily Dream Lily and Manchester United launched a customized brand video of 2019. If you want to restore your strength, choose Dream Lily 0 pressure mattress!

Since 2016, Mlily Dream Lily and the Manchester United elite coach members and sports science team have jointly developed the 0-PRESSURE mattress, which has been stationed in the Manchester United training base and even the players' home. The mattress adopts the multi-patented non-temperature-sensitive 0-PRESSURE cotton. To customize the sleeping environment for each player, to help players repair their body and mind and restore their physical fitness.

In addition to the pressure of the competition, professional athletes in the top-level are also trained in large doses day after day. These trainings are not as simple as a bubble gym or a pectoralis major. They also include targeted items such as strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility to ensure a good state of the game.

Therefore, their requirements for recovery are higher. Because reasonable recovery can improve physical fitness, adapt to training, and avoid sports injuries caused by excessive training.

Sleep is one of the main ways of recovery and is considered a top priority. At this time, the mattress that is in direct contact with the human body is critical. In fact, the relationship between quality mattresses and high quality sleep has long been clinically certified.

Confirmed by Dalian Viteo International Hospital, Mlily Dream Lily 0 PRESSURE mattresses increase the depth of sleep by 23.3%, which also means the improvement of sleep quality. In the deep sleep stage, growth hormone will be secreted in large quantities, which has an important impact on the repair and growth of the human body.

After two years of cooperation, Mlily Dream Lily 0 PRESSURE mattress has also been officially praised. Manchester United Department of Rehabilitation and senior sportsman Robin Thorpe said in an interview: "Good sleep quality is an important guarantee for people to recover their strength, especially deep sleep. With the help of Mlily Dream Lily high-end mattress, we will There are more opportunities to increase the likelihood of achieving and improving deep sleep stages."

Richard Arnold, CEO of Manchester United Football Club, also said: "Our cooperation with Mlily Dream Lily not only benefits the club and the first-line players, but also for our fans. Mlily Dream Lily mattresses and pillows are already clubs. The most popular products are everywhere in the club."

To restore physical fitness, Manchester United, the top football club, has chosen Mlily Dream Lily 0 PRESSURE mattress. Are you also excited?