As an emphasis on EC&CO's core Mission and Vision we take pride in the created joint venture with Tekna Chem as a SOLUTION provider rather than just selling products

TEKNA CHEM was founded by a group of technicians and chemists with a solid experience gained from primary multinational companies operating in the field of cement and concrete since 1965. The fusion into a single context of the experiences of each individual has produced a set of technological knowledge ensuring the success of TEKNA CHEM in the national and international markets. A highly qualified technical and sales staff is currently operating across Europe, offering to its customers a wide range of products extensively tested. Its particular corporate structure allows TEKNA CHEM to customize the production according to the customers' needs, depending on factors such as the raw materials to use, the season of application of the products, the type of work, etc...

Among the various productions of Teknachem is primarily the range of additives for cement production. The product range is wide and covers all the grinding processes of a cement plant. It starts from additives for the grinding of raw flour with ball mills both by dry and wet process. We continue with the series of adjuvants for grinding cement with ball mills. These types of additives help the grinding process, obtaining the maximum possible gain on hourly production on the transport and sliding of the cement itself and on the good maintenance of the grinding plants. Depending on the type of raw materials and the technology used in grinding, productivity gains of up to 20% can be achieved compared to non-addition of grinding admixtures. Last but not least, the series of adjuvants and performance additives: these, in addition to the productivity benefits already mentioned, improve the characteristics of the finished product such as initial and/or final resistance and workability (flow). These products can also be studied for vertical cement mills, a grinding technology that has prevailed over the last ten years, whereas it was previously only reserved for the grinding of raw flour. To this aim, our structure is at the forefront of all the problems of a production process. The experience accumulated in years of work in the sector allows us to provide assistance to the cement plant and the development of a product designed specifically for every need. Substantial differences on all raw materials and cooking processes between the different cement plants always make it necessary to study suitable additives for each production reality; which is why our products always require studies and preliminary tests in the field to give the best response to customer needs.


The quality of concrete for TEKNA CHEM, is the tangible result of all the efforts invested on research, formulation and manufacture of admixtures.
In TEKNA CHEM the care to obtain the best results is a commitment started long time ago and it goes: from the use of additives to raw flour for concrete to the use of additives for finished cement and concrete, in order to get the best quality and durability always following right economic criteria.
The deep knowledge of all the steps to take in order to produce an excellent quality concrete, allows TEKNA CHEM to formulate and produce a variety of additives certainly of high standards, a range of additives that allows the user to obtain the best concrete.
These additives can solve issues related to different causes such as environment, inert, use, appearance, chemical characteristics and economy. All this aims at obtaining the best concrete, customized for each user.
Today TEKNA CHEM being aware of the importance for a company to have an extremely professional service and assistance department, has developed the “Progetto Qualita” (“Quality project”).
This project rather than counting on of the company technical and commercial staff, as done so far, aims at investing on an external team of professionals officially recognized at European level.


AETERNUM is a next-generation compound powder adsorbed on active micro silicates, which combines the high pozzolanic activity of the latter with an exceptional rheology, fluidity without segregation, water resistance and high resistance both to mechanical compression and to chemical and atmospheric attacks. AETERNUM consists of spherical particles with a size of a few hundredths of a micron. Its surface is quite wide: more than 220.000 cm²/g (Blaine). This feature gives it a high reactivity on cement grains and a ‘high ability to capture and fix the calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] and to transform it first into a silicate hydrate and then into calcium silicate stable and irreversible. It should be observed that in all the cement based mixtures, to obtain a good workability, it is necessary to use a quantity of water always higher than the quantity required for the hydration of the cement.

The collaboration between TEKNA CHEM and TENSO FLOOR in the industrial flooring and recovery sector, has allowed us to achieve a great experience in the field of resins and its applications. Apart from offering a varied range of products of high quality, our technicians are available to advise customized technical solutions suited to specific conditions. All products are packaged in pre-measured containers to facilitate their use.

The pigmented topcoats can be provided on request by RAL (base + color premeasured cartridge).
For major projects and bigger quantities, the product can be supplied in industrial packaging.

The deep knowledge of cements, hydraulic mortars and clays and the constant demand of our customers have helped TEKNA to expand its range of additives also in the field of tunneling, geotechnical engineering and restoration. Therefore, to the existing additives we have implemented new products such as protective colloids, foaming agents and admixtures for Spritzbeton.

TEKNA CHEM has researched on the domestic and foreign market a variety of auxiliary products to complement its own range of production.
The research was carried out with great accuracy and strict evaluation in order to provide a list of products with technical features meeting the strictest international standards and always following the economic factor.

This has allowed us to offer our customers, with our brand, a range of products very competitive both in quality and in price.