Emile Chaccour & Co

The Chaccour family has a renowned heritage in trading activities across the Middle East since 1919. Their main business emphasis in trade is to bring the latest technologies and premium products to the market. They built a name you can trust while keeping the promise to the loyal customers for decades, by always providing the best in class services and products.

In the late 1990’s, the family entered into the retail business via “Chaccour Trading Co. s.a.r.l” that operated under the umbrella of “Chaccour Holding”, by introducing to the region the top of the line comfort technology, known as Memory Foam / Viscoelastic material, under the world leading brand “TEMPUR” in the sleeping industry. In order to meet the continuous requirements of the customers’ demands, Emile Chaccour & Company (ECCO) brought MLILY Signature - Manchester United products line. Lately, ECCO expanded its business activities by entering the Healthcare and Construction industries under the same spirit of providing state of the art technologies directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.


Our mission is to make ECCO the preferred provider of outstanding innovations whether in the retail business where our product lines in comfort become a trusted brand; or in the Healthcare and Construction industries where high quality and cost savings are attained.


  • Become leaders in the science of well-being.
  • Maintain its market share as retailers of comfort products.
  • Offer a value-minded products & services with a quality/price ratio.
  • Emphasize on a health driven mindset, and premium cost effective solutions.


  • Pioneers/ Avant-Garde/ leaders.
  • Quality / Superior / Value.
  • Consumer Centric.
  • Reliability / Trustworthy / Transparency / Integrity.