TEKNA CHEM has researched on the domestic and foreign market a variety of auxiliary products to complement its own range of production.
The research was carried out with great accuracy and strict evaluation in order to provide a list of products with technical features meeting the strictest international standards and always following the economic factor.

This has allowed us to offer our customers, with our brand, a range of products very competitive both in quality and in price.

Products For AUXILIARY


Waterstop pre-shaped profiles in PVC. Prevalent use: waterstop profiles for construction joints. Features: pre-shaped PVC profiles heat sealable. If placed within the two sides of joints, they ensure a waterproofing action also under pressure. Available in different sizes and shapes according to the different conditions of use.


Anti-scaling for the cleaning of plants and equipment; surface cleaning. It breaks and removes the concrete deposits on the surfaces such as clay, ceramic, brick, metal and hardened concrete. Features: aqueous solution of inorganic acid containing corrosion inhibitors; it can be also used on metal and iron. Consumption: 200-500 gr / sqm

TEKNAPUR 11 - 21 - 31

Anti-evaporation ready to use agent. Protection of fresh concrete surfaces from superficial evaporation. Features: water dispersion of resins. Sprayed on fresh concrete, it generates the formation a continuous firm film capable of limiting the evaporation of water. It does not create damages to joints and surface treatments. Consumption: 150-200 gr / sqm


Monolayer or multi-layer waterproof sheath. Used for roof coverage based on bitumen and atactic polypropylene (APP). The characteristics of the sheath are related to the use of atactic polypropylene, which increases the thermal stability of bitumen, giving a better plasticity of the waterproofing components.


Sealing water-swellable curb based on butyl rubber and sodium bentonite BENTOTEK STRIP BT is a curb based on butyl rubber and bentonite with the addition of stabilizing admixtures. In contact with water, it can expand of about 4-5 times than its initial volume, thus ensuring the hydraulic seal in the joints and vertical horizontal filling any concrete cavity, crack, etc.


Bentonite- based panel in kraft paper. BENTOTEK PANNELLO is a biodegradable corrugated cardboard panel based on bentonite and polymer that in contact with water or with high soil moisture, hydrates expanding about 16-30 times its initial volume, thus ensuring the hydraulic seal. It is ideal for waterproofing structures in direct contact with the ground.